Orogem jewelry Antwerp guarantees quality and outstanding craftsmanship

Four generations of craftsmanship, experience and creativity is where Orogem jewelry Antwerp can be proud of. Orogem keeps reinventing themselves. Tradition and innovation go together in this specialized jewelry shop in Antwerp. Whether you are looking for a ring, earrings, a necklace or a bracelet, the creations of this jeweler are finished to the smallest detail.

Create your own showpiece with jewelry Antwerp

You choose and combine the materials in order to design your own personal jewel. Make your choice between white gold or rosé gold and combine this for example with one or more diamonds, pearls or one of the many splendid gemstones. If, for example, you have an old photo of someone wearing beautiful jewelry, then Orogem can use this model to create a new jewel. An Orogem designer will be assigned to you from the start of the design till the very end of the creation. This designer will work out your ideas together with you. You will receive professional advice about the technical possibilities, but also about the style and appearance of the jewel. Feel free to tell your story: why and for whom do you want to have this jewel made? Orogem jewelry Antwerp turns your story into a beautiful and unique result.

How will your jewel be created at the jewelry Antwerp?

For example, you choose the diamond that you want for a ring. You can choose between different shapes, degrees of purity and color. You decide how the diamond is cut and you will hear everything about the polish, symmetry and fluorescence. This way you know exactly with which stone or stones the jewel will be created. Then choose one of our many standard models or let us make your very own personal design.

Why choose Orogem jewelry Antwerp?

When you choose Orogem you will get the highest quality of jewelry. Orogem is a member of the Belgian Diamond Exchange and therefore diamonds are purchased directly instead of through an intermediary. This reduces the price of diamonds significantly.
With every diamond you also receive a certificate that describes the specifications of the diamond. You are perfectly informed about the 4c’s: carat, color, clarity and cut. And with every diamond above 0.30 carat you receive a certificate from an independent and international diamond lab. Official organizations such as G.I.A, H.R.D. and I.G.I. guarantee the quality of your diamond.
Orogem has been based in Antwerp for generations. This is the world center of the diamond industry. All top designers and goldsmiths are based in this city. There is a huge concentration of knowledge and craftsmanship of a long tradition. Orogem takes maximum advantage of this. As a result, they produce jewelry of the highest quality.

Buying a jewel? Do it in Antwerp and go for Orogem!

If you are looking for something unique and you want both quality and perfect craftsmanship, don’t hesitate to contact Orogem jewelry Antwerp. Together with you we create a unique jewel just as you have it in your mind.