Peridot and Spinel

August is a unique month that boasts not one, but two mesmerizing birthstones – Peridot and Spinel. While Peridot has historically been the more recognized birthstone for August, Spinel has recently gained recognition and is now also considered an official birthstone for the month.

Understanding Peridot

This vibrant gem is best known for its lush green shades that vary from yellowish-green, olive green, to the delightful lime green. The presence of iron in the crystal structure determines its intensity. Notably found in regions like Egypt, Pakistan, Myanmar, China, and even the United States (particularly in Arizona and Hawaii), Peridot has long been cherished across different cultures.

Legends and Healing Properties of Peridot

Throughout history, various cultures have attributed unique properties to Peridot. In ancient India, it was revered as the stone of lovers, believed to enhance mutual understanding and passion. Fast forward to 19th-century Europe, and it was said to alleviate male impotence. The Mongols dubbed Peridot as the “dragon stone” attributing qualities like strength and courage to it.

In the present day, many trust in Peridot’s power to attract financial success and luck in gambling. Some even believe that keeping it with money ensures prosperity. Wear a ring with Peridot on your left hand, and it’s said to protect from the evil eye and guide decisions.

Traditional remedies also utilized Peridot, with healers using its powder in ointments to treat skin diseases. In the East, it played a role in improving hematopoiesis during anemia.

Diving into Spinel

Spinel, an alluring mineral, comes in an array of captivating colors. Some of its varieties are even comparable in value to precious gems like rubies and sapphires. With its name derived from the Latin “spinella”, meaning “thorn or barb”, Spinel’s natural crystal structure is sharp, giving it its distinctive name.

Despite its name suggesting aggression, Spinel is a delicate stone that demands gentle care.

Mystical and Healing Properties of Spinel

Depending on its hue, Spinel offers a range of magical properties. The red Spinel is believed to enhance sexual energy in both genders, offer protection from ailments, boost the immune system, and improve blood circulation. The rose-tinted variety balances the nervous system, promotes restful sleep, and keeps nightmares at bay. A ruby-shaded Spinel can reportedly cure skin ailments, making it ideal for those with allergic reactions.

Frequently Asked Questions: Peridot and spinel

While Peridot has traditionally been August’s birthstone, Spinel was added in recent times to offer a broader range of gem choices for August-born individuals.

Peridot is known for its signature olive to lime green shade due to its iron content, while Spinel can come in various colors.

Spinel is relatively fragile and requires gentle care compared to some other gemstones.

The cost varies based on quality, origin, size, and color. Some Spinels, especially those resembling rubies, can be quite valuable.