Tailor Made Engagement Rings

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Tailor Made Engagement Rings

Create your own truly original and individual design together with our designers. Our designers are here to help you finding the right ring between hundreds of options and if you can’t find the perfect ring which match with what you had in your mind, Orogem will craft your ring to your prefered specifications.

The perfect ring is out there for your partner.

Browse our collection of engagement rings. Contact us via chat or whatsapp or email for any special requests.

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An engagement ring like no one else has? This is possible!

Tailor made engagement rings are the best expression of your love for your future wife. In an engagement ring that you create yourself, you can put symbols and messages that are meant especially for her. Together with top designers and goldsmiths you will receive a result like nobody has seen before.

How to buy tailor made engagement rings?

First of all you can get inspired by some standard designs: solitary, halo, pavé or trilogy ring. A solitary ring has one diamond or gem, meaning that your beloved is central in your life. In a halo ring, a central stone is surrounded by a series of little stones, meaning that your fiancé is surrounded by all your love. A pavé ring has a central stone and little stones on the body of the ring. This means that all your attention is directed to your future wife. When you choose for 3 stones, namely in a trilogy ring, you go for the symbols of the past, present and future and you express your intention to stay with your wife for the rest of your live.
These models are the basic of your tailor made engagement ring. In the jewelry store in Antwerp, your designer will help you to personalize your engagement ring. There are many characteristics of the ring that you can choose.

Choosing diamonds or stones for tailor made engagement rings

For your stone you can decide on several aspects.

  1.  Cut
    Stones can be cut in different ways: round, emerald, marquise, oval, heart, princess, etc. This gives you the possibility to choose a stone that fits with the style of your beloved.
  2.  Color, fluorescence and purity
    As diamonds and stones are a natural product, not all stones are the same. There is a variety in color, purity and fluorescence. You will get advice from your designer.
  3. Carat
    As you know, diamonds are measured in carats. You can choose yourself what carat your stone needs to have.
  4. Symmetry
    Your expert will also give you some explanation on the symmetry of your stone. The level of symmetry of a diamond has an important influence on the brightness of your gem.
  5. Polish
    The polish of a gemstone is important to give it its ultimate finish.

Choose the material for your ring

Maybe you want to go for the traditional yellow gold? Or do you prefer white gold? Also pink gold is a possibility. And why not choose platinum? We can offer almost every design in each of these splendid materials.

Go for Antwerp quality for tailor made engagement rings

Engagement rings, and more particularly tailor made engagement rings are objects that you don’t buy every day. Of course you want something special and at the same time a jewel of the highest quality. The Antwerp jewelry store is member of the Belgian Diamond Exchanges. The quality of your diamond or gem is guaranteed. With each diamond you receive a certificate, confirming the color, carat, cut and clarity.

Since long time, Antwerp is the world center of the diamond trade. All the top designers and gold experts are present in Antwerp. Don’t look further but let your engagement ring be tailored in your jewelry store in Antwerp. You will be sure of beauty and quality, craftsmanship and an eye for detail, and this is surely what you are looking for for your fiancé!