A Whirlwind Romance

In the world of celebrity engagements, the news of actress Bella Thorne’s engagement to producer Mark Emms has made quite a splash. The love story, which began at Cara Delevingne’s beach birthday party in Ibiza in 2022, culminated in a romantic proposal on May 13, 2023. After nearly a year of dating, Emms asked Thorne to marry him at her California home. As love stories go, theirs was private and heartfelt, marked by an intimate family gathering to celebrate their commitment.

The Center of Attention: A $950K Engagement Ring

Yet, as much as their love story captivated the public, it was the engagement ring that stole the show. Emms presented Thorne with an impressive piece of jewelry: an emerald-cut diamond ring. Jewelry specialist Nilesh Rakholia estimates the diamond to be over 10 carats, a fitting choice for such a high-profile engagement. This unique piece is valued at approximately $950k, reflecting the exceptional craftsmanship, the rarity of the precious stones, and the elegant cut​.

The ring’s design further enhances its appeal. The emerald-cut diamond, known for its sophisticated and elegant aesthetic, is the centerpiece. Flanked by baguette diamonds, the design is both modern and sophisticated. The elongated shape of the baguette diamonds beautifully complements the emerald cut, adding a touch of modernity and sophistication. This combination also emphasizes the central diamond’s brilliance, making the ring a stunning sight to behold​.

A Glimpse for the Fans: Bella's Instagram Reveal

Not one to keep her fans waiting, Thorne took to Instagram to show off her new accessory. In two separate posts, she presented the ring to her 25.1 million followers, giving them an up-close look at the 10-plus carat gem. The diamond, catching the sunlight in the images, provided a striking contrast to Thorne’s dark red manicure, making for a stunning visual display. These images not only gave fans a closer look at the ring but also hinted at the deep bond between the newly engaged couple​.

The story of Bella Thorne and Mark Emms’ engagement is more than just the tale of two people in love. It’s also about the sparkling symbol of their commitment—a $950K, 10-plus carat emerald-cut diamond ring. As the couple moves ahead with their wedding plans, this ring, which has already captivated millions, will undoubtedly continue to be a topic of conversation and admiration.

Discover Your Own Emerald Elegance: Get the Look of Bella Thorne's Engagement Ring

Bella Thorne’s engagement ring has left many admirers desiring a similar style for their own special moment. The timeless sophistication of the emerald-cut diamond, flanked by sleek baguettes, is truly enchanting. Luckily, you don’t have to be a Hollywood celebrity to embrace this design. Many reputable jewelers offer engagement rings that mirror Bella’s, giving you the opportunity to get the look without the Hollywood price tag. Whether you’re seeking an affordable alternative or a luxury piece, there’s an emerald-cut diamond ring out there to help you capture a touch of Bella’s elegance.

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FAQ about Bella Thorne's engagement and her engagement ring

Bella Thorne is engaged to producer Mark Emms.

Mark Emms proposed to Bella Thorne on May 13, 2023, at her home in California.

Bella Thorne’s engagement ring features an emerald-cut diamond estimated to be over 10 carats. It’s flanked by baguette diamonds that enhance the overall design.

Bella Thorne’s engagement ring is estimated to be worth approximately $950k.

Bella Thorne plans to get married in the English countryside on the grounds of a manor. She has also expressed her desire to wear vintage Schiaparelli or Dior gowns for her wedding day.

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