Brilliance Curated: August 2023’s Exceptional Diamond Selections


The Round Brilliant Cut is celebrated for its unparalleled brilliance and fire, and this 1.11-carat diamond is a dazzling embodiment of that reputation. With an impeccable clarity of VVS1, it’s nearly flawless to the naked eye, radiating a luminosity that’s hard to match. Its cut is graded as excellent, a testament to its precise facets that capture and reflect light perfectly.

Complemented by an excellent symmetry and polish, the diamond’s sparkle is truly exceptional. Free from any fluorescence and with exacting measurements of 6.79×6.81×4.01, this GIA-certified treasure (Certificate No. 2225825538) is a radiant testament to nature’s splendor and the artistry of diamond cutting.

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Round Brilliant Cut Loose Diamond Certified Orogem Jewelers 455 - Orogem Jewelers


The cushion cut has long been admired for its romantic and vintage appeal, and this 2.25-carat diamond exemplifies its allure. Boasting a G color grade and a clarity of VS2, its brilliance is undeniable.

The diamond’s symmetry is rated as very good, ensuring a harmonious display of light, while its excellent polish further accentuates its luster. With no fluorescence and precise measurements of 7.86×6.87×4.62, this GIA-certified gem (Certificate No. 2225844064) is a testament to both nature’s beauty and masterful craftsmanship.

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Diamant Cushion 2.34 Fiyb Vvs2 Hrd Van Orogem Jewelers


The marquise cut has always been synonymous with elegance and maximizing carat presence, and this 0.70-carat diamond is a splendid representation of that ethos. Its elongated and slender form, characteristic of the marquise, is accentuated by a clarity of VS2, making it a captivating centerpiece.

With a symmetry graded as very good and a polish that’s nothing short of excellent, the diamond’s beauty is further enhanced. A medium fluorescence adds a unique touch to its character, while its precise measurements of 8.42×4.25×3.06 speak to its fine craftsmanship. Certified by HRD (Certificate No. 220000151287), this gem is a blend of nature’s artistry and human precision.

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Marquise Cut Loose Diamond Certified Orogem Jewelers 9 - Orogem Jewelers


The Asscher cut, with its iconic X pattern, has always been a symbol of elegance and precision, and this 0.40-carat diamond is a testament to that legacy. Its mesmerizing geometry is further highlighted by a clarity of VS1, making it a radiant beacon of purity.

With a symmetry that approaches perfection, rated as very good, and an excellent polish that enhances its natural gleam, this diamond captivates and commands attention. Absent of any fluorescence and with meticulous measurements of 3.98×3.83×2.69, this GIA-certified jewel (Certificate No. 2437255020) is not just a gemstone, but a masterpiece of nature and craftsmanship combined.

Asscher Cut Loose Diamond Certified Orogem Jewelers 5 - Orogem Jewelers

Yannick Van Camp

Certified diamond Grader

A fourth-generation diamond trader, Yannick Van Camp proudly carries forward a legacy that began in 1918 with Constant Van Camp. Graduating from HRD on 27th April 2007, Yannick quickly showcased his expertise and passion for the industry. By 1st October 2007, he took the reins as the owner of Orogem Jewelers, further solidifying his position in the diamond trade. In 2015, his dedication and commitment to excellence were recognized as he became one of the inaugural members of Antwerp’s Most Brilliant label. With a rich history and a bright future, Yannick continues to shine in the world of gemology and diamond trading.

Yannick Van Camp Gemologist Orogem Jewelers