Unique Imperfection

The Clarity of a diamond is based on the number, location, size, and type of inclusions found in the stone.  An inclusion is an imperfection in the stone that is visible at ten-time magnification.

The clarity grade from “Flawless” to “Included” may also indicate whether the inclusion is near the centre of the stone or along its girdle, or outer edge.

Pure diamonds are extremely rare, and almost all contain “inclusions” or impurities.

These are caused by the incomplete crystallization of carbon or other minerals that were trapped in the mineral during the stone’s formation.  These imperfections are purely natural and highlight the uniqueness of each diamond.

Frequently Asked Questions about Diamond Clarity

Does diamond clarity affect sparkle? It depends on how heavily included the stone is and where the inclusions are located. Does diamond clarity affect brilliance? Clarity do not affect brilliance directly.

Which diamond clarity is better? The best diamond clarity is Flawless but the most popular clarity on the market for affordable diamond engagement rings is SI1 or SI2 as they can be eye- clean diamonds .

How diamond clarity is measured? The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) developed the now widely accepted standard for determining diamond clarity grade.  The clarity scale consists of eleven unique clarity grades divided into six categories.

How does diamond clarity affect the price? One of the biggest determinants to the price of a diamond is the clarity. Clarity basically tells you how flawless the diamond is. The clarity grade given to a diamond should correspond with the number of flaws that are visible under magnification. The prices for diamonds will vary based on this number.

What is more important diamond clarity or color? While clarity is an important factor, color is given a higher preference over clarity because it affects the entire body of a diamond as opposed to inclusions that may be present in a few spots of a diamond. Therefore, when compromising on clarity versus color, prioritize color.

What diamond clarity is eye clean? An “eye-clean” diamond is one that has no imperfections visible to the unaided eye. They offer excellent value, being much less expensive than flawless (FL) or internally flawless (IF) diamonds, which are extremely rare and therefore command a higher price.