Emerald-cut diamond engagement rings

Emerald-cut engagement rings are both gorgeous and timeless.  The distinct rectangular form distinguishes it from other types, and the emerald cut’s step cut facets provide a brilliant shine.

What is an emerald shape diamond?

The emerald-shaped diamond is a fancy-cut diamond with long, rectangular facets.

How to buy a quality emerald-cut diamond?

Pay close attention to the clarity of the diamond.  Emerald-cut diamonds are usually shallow, and therefore the inclusions will be more easily visible to the naked eye.  Look for at least VS2 to ensure the diamond won’t have visible inclusions. 

Look for an emerald-cut diamond with excellent color grade. The emerald-cut diamond has a large table, so the color of the diamond will be more visible. Purchase your diamond from a reputable jeweler and look for a diamond grading report from a reputable gemological laboratory. A report will include information about the 4Cs of the diamond and provide assurance of its quality .

What color should I look for in an emerald diamond?

When selecting an emerald white diamond, you should consider a colourless option (graded D,E,F) or a slightly yellowish diamond (graded G or H).  These colour options are a good way to keep the overall look of the diamond more subtle.

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