Why Orogem


Antwerp’s Most Brilliant

We live up to Antwerp’s reputation as a diamond world capital. Our professional dedication has been awarded by “Antwerp’s Most Brilliant” label, the quality certificate of the City of Antwerp and the World Diamond Centre.

This certificate is awarded to jeweller who meets 30 strict quality requirements in terms of sustainability, ethics, safety, transparency, service and company stability. An independent control body checks whether the jeweller complies with the standards of the quality certificate. This prestigious label allows client to purchase his jewellery with confidence.

Antwerp’s Most Brilliant sticker in our window guarantees that our jewellery is of the highest quality.


Member of the federation of Belgium Diamond Bourses

We are proud members of the federation of Belgium Diamond Bourses since 1980. It means that we are at the very beginning of the diamond supply chain. Thanks to this, you get a real value for money as you get several steps ahead in buying process for private customers.


GIA, HRD and IGI certified diamonds

Diamond grading reports, or diamond certificates as they are often called, describe the specific characteristics of a diamond. Typically, a diamond certificate gives a description of the diamond’s four C’s.

We sell our diamonds with internationally acknowledged certificates from independent gemmological laboratories with highest professional standards. They provide buyers with the ultimate assurance that they’re getting exactly what they pay for.


Luxury in each detail

Designed and handcrafted jewellery – not by machines but by people. By people with many years of experience and passion for their job. Therefore, each piece is an original and each client is a personal story for us.

Jewellery keeps memory alive. They symbolize special moments shared with loved ones and remembered forever.

We believe that jewellery is a very personal thing. It should tell a story about the person who´s wearing it.