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You can select one of our signature and timeless engagement ring designs as well as create your own unique ring with the assistance of our designer.

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Your very personal engagement ring by your jewelry store in Antwerp

Your engagement is a very special moment in your life. That is why you want to give your beloved a personal gift that expresses your feelings for her. Best thing you can do is to choose for an engagement ring made by an expert in Antwerp. Antwerp is the world center for diamond trade and therefore the place to be when you want to buy your engagement ring. Did you know that you can be the designer of your ring? Indeed, you can personalize your gem so that you don’t need to be satisfied with whatever traditional engagement ring.

Diamonds express your love

Diamonds are a product of nature. Every stone or diamond has its own story. Craftsmen and silversmiths create jewels in so many ways that you can express your feelings in your own unique way. There are several ways on how to incorporate a diamond or gemstone in a ring:

  • A ‘solitary’ stone shows that your beloved is the only one for you.
  • A ‘halo’ ring consists of one central gemstone or diamond, surrounded by little stones. This type of engagement ring expresses that your fiancé is the center of your world and that she will be surrounded by all of your love.
  • A ‘pavé’ ring is a ring where little stones are mounted on the ring itself, in addition to the central gemstone. It shows that all your attention is directed to your beloved.
  • A ‘trilogy’ ring, which includes three stones, expresses the past, the present and the future.

As you can see, lots of standards are possible when you want to find your engagement ring.

Be the designer for your personalized engagement ring!

Your jewelry store in Antwerp gives you the possibility to create your own engagement ring. You can select your own gemstone or diamond, you decide on how to cut the stones and you choose the design of your ring. For these steps you can count on the advice from your jewelry store in Antwerp. All these aspects, gemstone or diamond, cutting and design, result in a unique engagement ring. No one else in the world will have the same ring! This is the ultimate expression of your love for her.

Antwerp guarantees quality for your engagement ring

It is normal that you require quality for your ring. And quality is what you receive in Antwerp. Your jewelry store is a member of the Belgian Diamond Exchange and follows the trends. With every ring you will receive certificates for the diamonds. This is a guarantee for quality and at the same time for fair trade. You will not only have a very unique and personalized engagement ring, you will also be sure of the quality. Let yourself be guided and advised by your jewelry store in Antwerp and you will certainly be successful with your loved one!

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