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OROGEM is a family-owned diamond business with over 70 years of experience in the diamond industry in Antwerp.
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To get an evaluation, you can choose to make an appointment at the jewellery store, send the certificate and diamond images by email or ship your diamond for an on-site valuation.

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Frequently asked questions about the sale of diamonds and diamond jewellery

Should I sell my diamond, is it worth it?

Absolutely, if you no longer wear your diamond jewellery and are not emotionally attached to it, it is preferable to sell your asset to monetize it.

Is it really safe?

Customers’ fears about mailing pricey and even sensitive things are very understandable. To offer a professional and secure service, we have studied all operational problems such as insurance and postal services. We employ a highly secure shipping service, and it is quite uncommon that we suffer any delays when using it, guaranteeing that your goods reach securely and on schedule.

How do I know that Orogem is a trustworthy company?

Orogem is a family-owned jewellery house and diamond office based in Antwerp, that has been active in the diamond trade since 1918.
We provide our clients with high-quality jewelry, jewelry design, the best diamonds, and repair services. Our professional devotion has been recognized by the “Antwerp’s Most Brilliant” label, this designation is given to jewelers who fulfill 30 stringent quality standards in the areas of sustainability, ethics, safety, transparency, service, and company stability.

Can I sell my diamond if I do not have the related certificate?

Yes. The certificate can help determine the value of the diamond, but is not mandatory. Our gemologists can assess the correct value of your property even without an official certificate.

How do I know how much my diamond ring is worth?

The value of a diamond is mostly decided by what are known as the four Cs in the trade.

CARAT: The diamond’s weight
COLOUR: The whiter the diamond, the rarer it is, and hence the higher its value.
CLARITY: The cleaner the diamond is, the higher any valuation will be.
CUT: The way the stone reflects light, giving it the distinctive diamond glitter.

What kind of diamonds do you buy?

We purchase any diamond weighing 0.5 carat or more. We never purchase rough diamonds, cubic zirconia or lab-grown diamonds.

What diamond jewellery do you buy?

We purchase a wide variety of diamond jewellery and designer jewellery with diamonds and gemstones.

Do you purchase the gold or platinum my diamond is set in?

Yes. We will give you the highest price for your gold or platinum, which will be included in our offer to you.

Do you buy labgrown diamonds?

We are not interested in buying labgrown diamonds or diamond simulants.

When will I get paid?

After accepting our initial offer you will be required to send your goods by insured mail (we will arrange for the courier).
Finally after on-site analysis of the diamonds by the gemologist and acceptance of our offer, we will transfer the money to your bank account on the same day.