An engagement ring like no one else has? This is possible!

Tailor made engagement rings are the best expression of your love for your future wife. In an engagement ring that you create yourself, you can put symbols and messages that are meant especially for her. Together with top designers and goldsmiths you will receive a result like nobody has seen before.

Our latest creations

Tailor-made Engagement Rings OROGEM Jewelers Engagement Rings
 OROGEM Jewelers Engagement Rings
 OROGEM Jewelers Engagement Rings
 OROGEM Jewelers Engagement Rings
 OROGEM Jewelers Engagement Rings
 OROGEM Jewelers Engagement Rings
 OROGEM Jewelers Engagement Rings
 OROGEM Jewelers Engagement Rings

Orogem Jewelers specialises in custom made engagement rings, we will work to your personal style and your budget.

We can handcraft anything from simple wedding bands to stunning engagement rings and fancy necklaces or earrings involving diamonds and coloured gemstones. We consult every step with you during the design and manufacturing process to make you feel secure and satisfied about the final result. You are fully involved in the process, from first sketches to finished creation.

How does it work

 OROGEM Jewelers Engagement Rings

Request a meeting with one of our design professionals. They’ll go over the procedure with you and figure out what you need.

 OROGEM Jewelers Engagement Rings

A well-defined price system. A free quotation is based on your design and materials requirements.

 OROGEM Jewelers Engagement Rings

Choose from a variety of diamonds, precious stones, and metals. We can obtain all of the materials required for your one-of-a-kind sculpture.

 OROGEM Jewelers Engagement Rings
 OROGEM Jewelers Engagement Rings
 OROGEM Jewelers Engagement Rings

Our professional designers will collaborate with you to create a drawing based on your ideas.

 OROGEM Jewelers Engagement Rings

We use computer-aided drawings to create hyper-realistic graphics to showcase your idea.

 OROGEM Jewelers Engagement Rings

Our Antwerp atelier employs skilled artisans who use cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to make your tailor-made engagement ring.

Make your wish and we will make it come true.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about tailor-made engagement rings

    How do I make an appointment?

    To make an appointment please fill in the form above or otherwise contact us by phone, whatsapp or email.

    Are your diamonds ethical?

    Absolutely, we ensure that every diamond we utilize is of natural origin and ethically sourced to preserve our clients’ significant investment. Because of our ethical obligations, we have zero tolerance for conflict diamonds; every diamond we sell is conflict-free in compliance with the Patriot Act, the Kimberley Process, and UN resolutions.

    Do you also sell lab-grown diamonds?

    To protect our customers’ valuable investment, we make sure that every diamond we use is of natural origin, as a diamond is a valuable investment. Natural diamonds are unique, extremely rare and a valuable asset that retains its value over time.

    Do you carry gemstones?

    Certainly, you can choose from a wide range of precious stones such as emeralds, sapphires and rubies.

    Do I have to be in Antwerp?

    No, for both the design and manufacturing process we can also work remotely. The result will be equally stunning.

    How much does shipping cost?

    We offer free shipping within Europe and a fixed cost of 120€ for customers outside Europe.

    How much does a custom engagement ring cost? Do you have an order minimum?

    It depends mainly on the selection of diamonds or precious stones to be set or on the metal selected. There is no minimum order

    How long does it take to build a unique engagement ring?

    The process of designing a personalised engagement ring takes around 4 weeks, but the timeframe can be shortened in certain cases.

    Are tailor-made engagement rings more expensive?

    Luckily, the answer is no. You may expect a higher-quality ring at a price comparable to that of a high-end retail retailer.

    Could you use my own diamonds or precious stones?

    Absolutely, we can use your old diamonds or gemstones to create something new and unique tailor-made for you.

    Do you offer financing?

    We offer financing options through the SplitIt provider which allows our users to pay in 3 or more convenient interest-free instalments.

    Which metal is right for your custom engagement ring?

    Preference, taste, and lifestyle all play a role in selecting the right metal for your engagement ring. The safest selections for a timeless style are white gold and platinum, while yellow gold will always be a classic. A hypoallergenic metal like as platinum or palladium is the ideal choice if you have sensitive skin. Before making a decision, we recommend trying each metal on to better understand which metal complements your skin tone the best.