Halo Engagement Rings: many tiny diamonds provide a beautiful surround to your choosen center diamond, giving extra sparkle to theses stunning rings.

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Halo Engagement Rings

Halo sapphire engagement ring

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Your Halo engagement ring: because she means everything to you

When you decide to ask your beloved to be your wife, nothing is good enough to show her your love. A perfect chosen Halo engagement ring can express what you feel for her. Every Halo engagement ring consists of a diamond or gemstone that is beautifully cut and surrounded by lots of small diamonds. A Halo ring is the symbol of your fiancé who gets all your attention.

You can be the designer of your personalized Halo engagement ring

The moment of asking your love to marry you is a unique moment in your live. This is unforgettable and therefore you want to give her a very personal gift. You can choose for an engagement ring in white or rosé gold. Do you want to give her a sapphire, which is the symbol of wisdom and eternal love? Or do you prefer a yellow tinted diamond? This is up to you! You can also choose for micropavé which gives the ring an extra stylish dimension. Besides this, you can decide on how the stone must be cut: baguette, emerald or another way of cutting. The designer of your ring will help you to choose the weight, the color, the purity, the symmetry, the fluorescence and many more specification of your diamond. For your Halo engagement ring there are lots of possibilities. In this way you can create a very personal ring.

Why choose for Antwerp for your engagement ring?

Since ages, Antwerp is the most important trade center in the world for diamonds. All the know-how, craftsmanship and skills as to processing diamonds are present in Antwerp. Antwerp is guarantee for quality and beauty when it comes to engagement rings. Your jewelry shop is member of the Belgian Diamond Exchange. The diamonds are selected by experts so that you can be sure to have the best quality. Another reason why to choose Antwerp is that Antwerp jewelry stores always go for details. Even in small creations like a ring, details make the difference.

Quality and luxury in one Halo engagement ring

When you have created your own Halo engagement ring, this will be carried out with the utmost care. Designers are closely working together with goldsmiths and combine their knowledge. The result is a splendid Halo engagement ring. Each diamond is certified by an independent diamond laboratory and you receive the certificate together with your ring. In this certificate all specifications of the diamond are included, namely the 4 C’s: carat, color, clarity and cut. The Antwerp center guarantees quality and style. You only have to focus on the design and the personal touch of the Halo engagement ring. Soon it will shine on the finger of your fiancé!