Free Engagement Ring Engraving

Unique and unrepeatable just like your love

Personalised engraving of rings is a free service provided by Orogem Jewelers: it is an opportunity that is worth seizing to ensure that a ring is transformed into a unique and exclusive piece of jewellery, an indelible memory to seal love.

Whether it’s a pair of wedding rings, engagement rings, a solitaire ring, or else a tailor-made engagement ring there’s nothing more exciting and exclusive than a personalised ring.

Not sure what to engrave on your ring? Ask one of our experts for help!

Please note that the amount of characters that can be engraved varies depending on the size of the ring and in rare cases rings cannot be engraved on the inside, for example when the shank is not thick enough or the ring has an open setting. Just contact us to quickly determine whether or not engraving can be done.

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Free Diamond Engraving

Only for true romantic souls

Are you so romantic to want to make your diamond unique with a personalised engraving? Orogem Jewelers offers personalised diamond engraving free of charge.

This operation consists of engraving characters on the diamond. The marking is approximately 100 microns high and can only be seen with a 10-magnification lens or, even easier, with a microscope. It is also only 2 microns deep, so it does not cause any damage and does not alter the entirety or composition of the diamond.
Laser engraving on diamonds is generally used to mark the stone with the gemological analysis document number, but it can also be used to write personalised phrases or a special date.
It is an engraving that cannot be seen by the naked eye and therefore does not affect the appearance or physical value of the stone.

Diamond Jewellery Lifetime Upgrade

It’s always the perfect time to ask more for yourself

We offer a lifetime diamond upgrade program on all diamond jewellery purchased at Orogem Jewelers online or in boutique. You will receive credit equal to the original price toward the purchase of a new diamond which must be at least twice the price of your original diamond.

Your diamond must be in its original condition with the original diamond grading report and must be accepted by our Quality department before your new selection is shipped.

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