The classic engagement ring: more trendy than ever

The classic engagement ring, as we have known it for years, has actually never been gone. But now, more than ever, this traditional engagement ring design is the most in demand. The design, with a single diamond at its centre, is the sign that your loved one is the only one in your life. The classic engagement ring stands out because of its simplicity, and on the other hand it radiates pure charm.

Choose for elegance with a classic engagement ring

Every white gold ring with a central diamond has an elegant design. You can choose a completely symmetrical or an asymmetrical ring. The latter gives the ring an elegant twist, which enhances the contemporary look. Will you choose a diamond with 4 or 6 griffs? Do you opt for a diamond that is surrounded by the setting, or do you prefer a 'solitaire' ring? Don't be fooled by the name of the latter. Solitaire means that the diamond is not surrounded, but stands completely alone and gets all the attention.

Choose quality with an Antwerp diamond

Antwerp is world famous for its diamond industry. Goldsmiths, designers and diamond specialists work hand in hand to create the most beautiful creations. Each diamond is accompanied by a certificate, issued by an independent inspection lab. You will also receive a full description of the stone, based on the 4C: carat, colour, clarity and cut. So you know exactly which stone you have chosen.

The classic engagement ring: a diamond for life

Diamonds are often sung about as 'for ever'. Getting a diamond is very special for a woman. When this diamond is also embedded in an engagement ring, this moment is unforgettable. You choose the ring that suits her perfectly. Do you have other ideas for an engagement ring? Then feel free to suggest them and we will discuss with you to make this ring to measure. Every engagement has its own story, and therefore every engagement ring has its own story too.