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The act of proposing is a profound declaration of love and the intention to share a lifetime together.

At Orogem Jewelers, we understand the importance of this moment and offer an unparalleled selection of engagement rings to symbolize your unique bond. From the timeless elegance of solitaire diamonds to the intricate beauty of vintage-inspired designs and the modern appeal of halo settings, our collection is curated to ensure you find the perfect ring that speaks to your love story.

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Classic Engagement Rings (Solitaire Rings)

Classic engagement rings epitomize elegance and timelessness, with a solitaire setting that allows the beauty of a single diamond to take center stage. These rings feature a singular, stunning diamond mounted on a simple yet sophisticated band, designed to maximize the stone’s brilliance and fire. Ideal for those who appreciate understated elegance, a classic solitaire engagement ring symbolizes a love that is pure and enduring.

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Diamond Band Engagement Rings

Diamond band engagement rings elevate the concept of sparkle to new heights, featuring a band that’s lavishly adorned with pavé diamonds. This setting enhances the overall brilliance of the ring, creating a dazzling backdrop for the central stone. The diamond-studded band adds a luxurious texture and extra sparkle, making it a perfect choice for those who seek a harmonious blend of glamour and sophistication in their symbol of commitment.

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Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are distinguished by a circle of smaller diamonds that encircle the central stone, creating a breathtaking halo effect. This setting not only accentuates the size and sparkle of the center diamond but also adds an extra layer of radiance and dimension to the ring. Halo rings are a testament to love’s radiant aura, offering a stunning display of light and a sense of grandeur to those who cherish a bold expression of their commitment.

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Three-Stone Engagement Rings (Trilogy Rings)

Three-stone engagement rings, also known as trilogy rings, feature a trio of diamonds set closely together, with the central stone often slightly larger than the two side stones. This design symbolizes the past, present, and future of a couple’s relationship, making it a deeply meaningful choice. The complementary interplay of the three stones represents the journey of love, with each diamond shining as a testament to the moments shared and those yet to come.

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Design Your Own Ring

Tailor-made engagement rings

Experience the joy of creating a truly unique symbol of your love with our “Tailor-made engagemet rings” service.
At Orogem Jewelers, we offer a bespoke journey, inviting you to tailor-make your engagement ring to reflect the depth of your bond.

Choose from an exquisite selection of diamonds and precious stones, select your desired setting from classic to contemporary designs, and decide on the perfect metal to bring your vision to life.

Our skilled artisans are dedicated to crafting a ring that not only embodies your personal story but also meets our rigorous standards of quality and beauty.

Begin the journey to your tailor-made engagement ring with Orogem Jewelers, where your dream ring becomes a reality.

Tailor-made engagement rings

Crafting Love Memories


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The exchange of wedding bands is a timeless tradition that marks the beginning of a shared journey.
At Orogem Jewelers, our wedding band collection ranges from classic simplicity to modern sophistication, ensuring that every couple finds bands that resonate with their personal style and the essence of their union. Whether you prefer the understated elegance of a plain band or the sparkling allure of diamond-studded creations, our selection is crafted to commemorate your vows with enduring beauty.

Plain Gold Wedding Band Orogem Jewelers Wedding Jewelry

Plain Gold Wedding Bands

Plain gold wedding bands are the epitome of timeless elegance and simplicity. Crafted from lustrous gold, these rings symbolize the purity and strength of marital bonds. Available in a variety of gold tones, including classic yellow, sophisticated white, and romantic rose gold, plain bands offer a versatile and enduring choice for couples seeking a symbol of their love and commitment that transcends trends. The smooth, uninterrupted circle of a plain gold wedding band reflects a love that is constant and unending, making it a perfect choice for those who value understated beauty and traditional symbolism in their marital vows.

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Diamond Wedding Rings Orogem Jewelers Alliance

Diamond Wedding Bands
(Half-Set or Full-Set Alliances)

Diamond wedding bands elevate the traditional band with the inclusion of meticulously set diamonds, available in half-set or full-set alliances. A half-set diamond band features diamonds that partially encircle the band, offering a balance of sparkle and smooth gold.

The full-set diamond band, on the other hand, is encrusted with diamonds that completely encircle the band, delivering an unbroken circle of brilliance.

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Custom Engraving Service

Elevate the significance of your jewelry with Orogem Jewelers’ Custom Engraving Service.

This personalized touch transforms your chosen pieces into timeless keepsakes, imbued with memories and messages that resonate deeply. Whether it’s the intimate inscription of a wedding date inside a band, the elegance of initials delicately carved on a pendant, or a special phrase that holds meaning only to you and your loved one, our expert engravers ensure precision and artistry.

Our Custom Engraving Service invites you to add depth and personal significance to your jewelry, making each piece a unique narrative of your most treasured moments.

FAQ for Engagement and Wedding Celebrations

1. How do I choose the right engagement ring?

Selecting the right engagement ring involves considering personal style, lifestyle, and budget. We recommend exploring different settings, stones, and metals to find a piece that truly resonates with your partner’s preferences. Our experts are here to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find the perfect ring.

2. Can I customize my engagement or wedding ring?

Absolutely, our “Design Your Own Ring” service allows you to create a customized engagement or wedding ring. Choose from a wide range of diamonds, settings, and metals to craft a piece that’s uniquely yours.

3. What is the timeline for custom ring orders?

Custom ring orders typically require 3-4 weeks from design approval to completion. We recommend starting the process well in advance of your planned proposal or wedding date to ensure timely delivery.

4. Do you offer engraving services for wedding bands?

Yes, our Custom Engraving Service is available for wedding bands. Personalize your bands with dates, initials, or special messages to add a unique and sentimental touch.

5. How should I care for my engagement and wedding jewelry?

We provide comprehensive care instructions with every purchase. Regular cleaning, proper storage, and periodic inspections are key to maintaining the beauty and integrity of your jewelry. Our team is always available for professional cleaning and maintenance advice.

6. Are your diamonds ethically sourced?

Orogem Jewelers is committed to ethical sourcing practices. All our diamonds are carefully selected from reputable suppliers who adhere to strict standards of ethics and sustainability.

7. What is your return or exchange policy for engagement and wedding rings?

Our return policy allows for returns within 30 days of purchase, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our engagement and wedding rings. Please note, however, that customized items, including tailor-made jewelry and pieces with engraving, are considered final sale and are not eligible for return. We are committed to working closely with you to address any concerns and ensure your happiness with your chosen piece.

8. Can I view the engagement and wedding collections in person?

Absolutely. We invite you to visit our showroom in Antwerp to personally explore our engagement and wedding collections. Experience the beauty and craftsmanship of our pieces firsthand, and receive tailored advice from our experienced staff to assist in your selection process.

9. Is online consultation available for international clients?

Yes, Orogem Jewelers is pleased to offer online consultations for our international clientele. Utilizing video conferencing tools, we provide a personalized shopping experience, guiding you through our collections and custom design options, no matter where you are in the world.

10. Can I schedule a private consultation for engagement and wedding jewelry?

Yes, we encourage scheduling a private consultation to provide a personalized and focused experience. Our experts are available to assist you in selecting or designing the perfect pieces for your special occasion.

For every cherished moment, Orogem Jewelers offers an exquisite selection to celebrate life’s most precious occasions