Push present Jewelry – Celebrating New Beginnings

Mark the arrival of a new member in your family with a token of love and appreciation.

Our Push Present Jewelry collection at Orogem Jewelers is specially curated to honor this significant life event.
From the heart of Antwerp, we bring you an array of elegant pieces that symbolize the joy, love, and gratitude felt towards new mothers.

What Is The Push Present?

A push present, also known as a baby push gift, is a considerate and often important gift presented by a partner to the mother on the occasion of childbirth. The purpose of a push present is to express appreciation and celebrate the mother’s sacrifices and efforts during pregnancy and labour.

The term “push present” means a gift provided after the woman has “pushed” while in labour. The present can be something meaningful, such as a piece of jewellery with the baby’s birthstone, or something the mother has indicated an interest in, such as a spa day or a special piece of clothes. The gesture is intended to express thanks, love, and recognition for the difficult and transforming experience of delivering a child into our world. While push presents are not a universal practice, they have grown in favour in many cultures as a means to commemorate and honour the mother’s journey into motherhood.

Diamond Necklaces

Diamond Necklaces Push Present Antwerp

A timeless piece that reflects the singular beauty of new motherhood, symbolizing the bright future ahead.

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Initial Letter Bracelet

Diamond Inital Letter Bracelet Perfect Birthday Gift

Celebrate the joy of motherhood with a touch of elegance and personalization. This exquisite bracelet, crafted from radiant gold, features a delicate initial adorned with sparkling diamonds, representing the new bond and the timeless beauty of this special moment.

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Elegant Earrings

Diamond Earrings Push Present Antwerp

Choose from our selection of studs and drop earrings that add a touch of sophistication and can be worn as a daily reminder of this special time.

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Birthstone Jewelry

January – Garnet:

Start the year with the deep red warmth of garnet, symbolizing protection and enduring affection.

Garnet January Birthstone Orogem Jewelers

February – Amethyst:

Amethyst’s soothing violet hues represent serenity and strength, perfect for February birthdays.

February Birthstone Amethyst Orogem Jewelers

Amethyst Jewelry

March – Aquamarine

The tranquil blue of aquamarine reflects clarity and calm, embodying the freshness of March.

March Birthstone Aquamarine Orogem Jewelers

April – Diamond

April’s birthstone, the diamond, signifies invincible strength and eternal love, making it a timeless choice.

April Birthstone Diamond Orogem Jewelers

Diamond jewelry

May – Emerald

Celebrate May with the lush green of emerald, a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings.

May Birthstone Emerald Orogem Jewelers

Emerald Jewelry

June – Pearl & Alexandrite

June offers the choice of pearls, representing purity, or the color-changing alexandrite, signifying balance.

June Birthstone Pearl Alexandrite

Pearl Jewelry

July – Ruby

The vibrant ruby, July’s stone, stands for passion and energy.

July Birthstone Ruby

Ruby Jewelry

August – Peridot

The light green peridot brings August birthdays messages of optimism and growth.

August Birthstone Peridot

September – Sapphire

September’s sapphire, with its deep blue shades, symbolizes wisdom and nobility.

September Birthstone Sapphire

Sapphire Jewelry

October – Opal & Tourmaline

October’s dual stones, opal and tourmaline, offer a play of color and versatility.

Opal Tourmaline October Birthstone


Tourmaline Jewelry

November – Topaz & Citrine

The golden hues of topaz and citrine for November signify warmth and joy.

Topaz And Citrine November Birthstone

December – Tanzanite, Zircon, & Turquoise

December celebrates with tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise, each offering protection and prosperity.

December Birthstone Tanzanite Zircon Turquoise

Tanzanite Jewelry

On the spotlight:

Cord Bracelet Diamond Antwerp

Single Diamond Cord Bracelet Yellow Gold

This exquisite ring, crafted from 18K white gold, is an embodiment of love’s purest expression. At its heart lies a natural diamond, weighing 0.42 ct, cut into a perfect heart shape—a timeless symbol of romance.

White gold 18k Yellow gold 18k Rose gold 18k
Pink Sapphire Jewelry Set

Pink Sapphires Jewelry Set

A vision of grace and vibrancy, this exquisite set features the delicate charm of pink sapphires, complemented by the timeless elegance of 18k white gold and the brilliant halo of natural diamonds.

ring earrings Necklace
Diamond Marquise Earrings Picture - Orogem Jewelers

Diamond Marquise Earrings

This timeless star earrings of 18k white gold jewelry feature four beautiful marquise diamonds.

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0.74 Diamond Marquise Pendant

Diamond Marquise Pendant

This timeless star pendant of 18k white gold jewelry feature four beautiful marquise diamonds.

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For every cherished moment, Orogem Jewelers offers an exquisite selection to celebrate life’s most precious occasions